Wednesday 15 May 2013

beast herder

This lady will feature in my story for Loaf magazine.  She herds beasts...

I am contemplating posting the whole process of creating this story as there is quite a short turnover (deadline is the end of May)...  Is that something people would be interested to see?


  1. Couple of things, first of a resounding YES to your above question. Secondly the GOT cover you did looks ace and even nicer that you gave it away to someone you'd just met. Mondo did a Thrones inspired exhibition just reecently and its a shame they didnt get you involved. And lastly I wondered if you had been to the George Bellows exhibition at the RA in london, its not on for much longer, but I think you'd really love it? His drawings and lithographs are really something, an incredily inspiring show.

    1. I did see that show. It was extremely inspiring as you say. He used the full range from very light to very dark tones incredibly well... also really liked the way he drew motion.

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  3. I too would very much like to see this process. Good luck with the deadline!