Friday, 14 February 2014

the circle is broken

My Tiny Pencil comic is beginning to take shape and the clowns, that began as bits of crab and otter and such from the Horniman, are becoming proper individuals in my mind.  It is a sad tale... and also funny.  It's about clowns, what else could it be?  Here is the opening sequence as individual drawings:

More soon!


  1. Hi Alexis - James Ovenden here. Been wanting to ask if you could come into the school I work at in Pimlico for World Book Day?? I might even dress up as Beegu! Put some yellow stockings on my head.

  2. I absolutely love these. Very happy to have discovered your blog! Best wishes, Kathryn

    1. So pleased you like them! You have some beautiful drawings on your own blog, I see ^-^