Friday, 13 May 2016

Geis, Book One, Launching!

Come along if you are in town!  There will be drinks!


  1. Hi Alexis,

    I just spent a lovely evening deciphering the message on the endpapers of Geis - the process reminded me of Alan Garner's Red Shift and I had such a great time unraveling the mystery. Thank you for all your wonderful work. I have been a huge admirer for a very long time and can be seen in our University Library holding my favourite book of last year which is Jim's Lion - just incredible. I am a Senior Lecturer in Children's Literature and English and Oxford Brookes and just wanted to say that I am guilty of being a rather large fan!

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  3. Hey Mathew! So, I met you at the launch, didn't I? If not, I definitely signed a book for you as I remember the Mathew with one 't' conversation.

    I'm really glad you like the work I've been making. I've read some of the reviews and articles you have written about myself and others and didn't realise that when we were talking.

    You are a wonderful advocate and ambassador for children's literature! Please keep it up! It means a lot to us, the authors and illustrators and I'm sure it makes a big difference to parents, teachers and children too!

    Comment above deleted for a mistake in the English, lol