Monday 22 April 2013

set building

One thing I was playing with a few years ago was to draw an elaborate set for a sequence then draw the characters on top.  Just as you would in an animation cell.  I think I might try that again for the next issue of Loaf 

The second and third pictures in this group do sort of animate.  Poor butterfly!


  1. Been a huge fan of your work ever since picking up Jitterbug Jam and had hoped you would write a blog for about as long as youve had one planned. Youre work has such power, otherworldy and familiar at the same time, melancholy yet full of charm. Your drawings floor me as well, I dont think comparisons with artists like Rembrant and EH Shepard are far off the mark. Keep up the great work and I'l be visiting back regularly.

    1. Thank you! Those are some very kind words. The two names you mention are certainly influences of mine...

      You draw awesome space monkeys btw!