Saturday 1 June 2013

Loaf process - part two

So... the Loaf deadline was yesterday and here is the second part of my process for it.

After doing the thumbnail roughs and preparing the script alongside, I made a second rough for each page.  This time my main concern was to establish the shape and scale of images within the panels.  I also needed to make sure there was space for the text and check the horizon lines and vanishing points.  As far as possible I tried to avoid doing any drawing that would be repeated in the last version.  My test is usually, am I looking forward to drawing this? If the answer is yes then I will move onto the next one... If no (and time and patience allow!) then I will have another look.  The focus on the very first rough is all on the narrative and pacing, on this second one it is more about making sure things are expressed clearly and with potency.

When those were done I began to work on the artwork itself.  Because time was a factor on this project I used tracing paper to work directly on top of my second roughs.  I would put a couple of sheets inbetween to ensure that the line in the rough didn't get confused with the line in the artwork itself.  I  usually work in wax pencil or ink which cannot be erased but for this project I wanted to have the artwork for each page on a single sheet.  For that reason I used a regular HB pencil.  That way if I made a mistake it was very easy to rub it out and try again!

Here is an example of what these traced drawings look like

When I had made a drawing for each of the four pages I got to work on the last elements, the text, the speech bubbles and the flat tone.

Lastly I assembled them all in the computer... Here's how they came out:


  1. Loved the part with "am I looking forward to drawing this?" That's the most important test for me too.