Wednesday 29 January 2014

plants... what can I call them but plants?

I am having a great time playing with the sound recording stuff on this phone.  It occurs to me that with a bit of planning I could actually make a real story this way...  One with exciting installments and a plot - instead of me just saying the first thing that comes into my head into the microphone.

This isn't that story, I'm afraid I just made it up as I went along as usual, but I did make a sort of first installment of that science fiction diary I proposed in the last post.  I used to love the BBC show Journey Into Space when I was small and I would love to do a series of my own in that vein. 

Have a listen...  It has much higher production values than previous efforts ^-^


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    1. Now I have to plan a proper story with an ending and everything! Already started on it... I have a cunning plan!