Thursday 22 August 2013

a gnat's whisker from the edge of the cliff

So... I have been working all hours to get Jim's Lion finished for Frankfurt and the end is not only in sight but I will almost certainly complete it tomorrow.  I have three panels left to draw!  Sorry for the Blog absence.  My brain has been mush.

Now I am facing that bizarre moment all self employed people will be familiar with.  You work and work and work and work and get deeper and deeper into a project until you are living and breathing it all day every day and then suddenly you finish... And there's nothing left to do.  My life has become so Jim shaped it will be mighty weird to uncurl it back into some other shape again.  

Usually I would be contracted into the middle of next year but this time there is nothing.  It was my intention.  I have wanted to publish a comic of my own for the longest time and now is the moment.  So for the rest of the year I will be developing stories into scripts with a view to getting a deal for one of them.  It should liven things up here on the Blog as I'll be able to post what I'm doing instead of hiding it under the sofa in a plastic bag.

Nicked these tonal schemes from a book of DorĂ© engravings when I was doing the initial development for Jim's Lion.  They made for pretty pictures:

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