Friday 16 August 2013

Beegu show - the performance...

I went to the Rose Bowl Youth Hub performance of Beegu today...

Everyone taking their places:

...and Beegu appears!

After some amazing bunny hopping acrobatics, the rabbits leave and the leaves arrive!

Is that her mum?  ... no, it's a phone box on stilts.

 The puppies and Beegu become friends:

The school playground - the perfect place!

With synchronised hula hooping!

Beegu makes more friends:

Is that another phone she can hear?

No! It's her folks!  Hurray!



  1. This is SO COOL! The kids did an amazing job adapting it, you must've been thrilled to see your book come to life like that.

  2. It was ridiculously great! Make more adaptations, children of the world! thing that made me smile was that the hula hooping and balancing and other circus skills are part of what they teach at the Rose Bowl every year. They had to find reasons to put hula hooping scenes in Where the Wild Things Are and The Gruffalo. No such troubles with Beegu - it comes with its own hula hooping action!