Tuesday 3 September 2013

story number two

The second story I am developing is grown from a sequence I made many years ago, where a little boy meets a distraught Mr Punch.  It was on my website for ages so many of you may have seen it already... you can view it here.  I now have a rough version of what happened before that conversation and I've got a pretty good idea of what will come after... just searching for a satisfying ending.

It will definitely feature the policeman and the crocodile from the Mr Punch puppet shows... also Judy but she and the crocodile have sort of become one being:

Here is the rough for the first few pages.  If you click on the first picture you should be able to read it at a comfortable size... Let me know if you read it and want to know what happens next... If not I should probably ditch this one and work on some of the others ^-^!


  1. Brilliant. And great to see what came before. I did get a bit confused about the motivation in the table bit. I wasn't sure if Punch was fending off a desire to eat the boy, since it was lunchtime and there was a boy on his table, or just needing him out of the way.

  2. A bit of both I think. I inserted a line of dialogue with him saying 'two birds, one stone' in a later script... ^-^

  3. Aha, it's probably quite clear anyway, and me that's muddled...

  4. Ok... two people like it. That's good enough for me. I'll finish this one for sure ^-^