Thursday 21 November 2013

necessary details!

I forgot to blog where you could get the postcards!  Here's the blurb from the show:

 To London With Love Vol II

 To London with Love Vol. II is an exhibition of postcard size artwork
by artists, illustrators and designers with a special link to London.

 The project, now in its second year, sees Robert Rubbish from the
collective LE GUN once again taking the reigns. This year, he is joined
by curator and commissioner Ligaya Salazar and curator and founder of
Material Lucy Payne. All three have handpicked a diverse selection of
artists, designers and illustrators including Ryan Todd, Jon Gray, Nova
Dando, Alexis Deacon, Poppy Chancellor, Kyle Platts and of course Robert
Rubbish, Bill Bragg, Neal Fox and Stephanie von Reiswitz of the LE GUN

 Each artist was sent up to 10 blank postcards on which to create
original artwork in any medium around the theme of the exhibition: To
London With Love. All the postcard-sized artworks are priced at just
£10 to enable visitors to buy original works of art at an affordable

 In addition, a selection of around 20 of the works have been chosen to
be made into an edited selection of digitally printed postcards also
available to buy.


 The exhibition takes place

 6th - 21st December 2013

 at Material
 3 Rivington Street
 London EC2A 3DT