Friday 6 December 2013

silent but not idle

A quiet month on the blog.  Sorry about that... but it is all in a good cause.  I have been going flat out to try and finish my Mr Punch comic.  Because the images are all roughs I am never sure how interesting they are for people to look at.  Plus they have spoilers...  Here is a selection from the last four chapters: Action packed and largely spoiler free.  There is a boy, there is a crocodile, there is Mr Punch, there is Hell, there is a talking bush called Norma. That much I will tell you!


  1. Roughs are very interesting for people to look at. Such a dynamic story. How exciting!

    1. that's good to know! The shiniest, prettiest things aren't always the most interesting I suppose... I keep telling myself that. But showing this sort of stuff always feels a bit like flashing your underwear! Although, now that I come to think about it, that can be fairly interesting too!