Sunday, 15 June 2014


Viv and I had a stall at ELCAF over the weekend.  It was my first comics festival.  I was staggered by the numbers who came along.  Ok, Chris Ware was there but even so!  With audiences like that it is hard to understand why comics have such a small percentage of overall book sales in this country...

I very much regretted not having the poster I had been working on ready in time.  I came very close!   Oh well, it is done now and I will have it for the next event, whatever that might be.

Thanks to the organisers and everyone who helped to make it such a good day.


  1. Wonderful scary picture, I love it!

  2. cheers! If the volcano doesn't get you, the mutant fish will!

  3. Ever since this image appeared, I have been wanting to ask: the monsters are not having sex, but fighting right? Please excuse my stupid question. They looked fierce on their own, bun now that one sees lots of things in the water, except for their bodies, I think that makes one wonder.