Monday, 2 June 2014

Jim's Lion in the world

The time has come for Jim's Lion to be set loose in the world.  This is always a terrifying moment because although you try your hardest to make things as well as you can, you never quite know how people are going to react...  The good news is that Jim seems to be going down pretty well so far.  It was in the Times over the weekend and I just read one review that is quite possibly the best I've ever had:

Thank you John Lloyd!  To read about someone understanding so completely what we were trying to do with this story makes me very, very happy.  It is everything you hope for when you set out to make a book.

I so hope this story does well.  It means a great deal to me personally for all sort of reasons...

In other news, there is going to be an official launch for Jim at The Illustration Cupboard on the evening of the 11th of June.  Please do come along if you are around:

there will be artwork from the book on display and some for sale and you can buy copies of the book if you like!

Failing that I'll be at ELCAF the following weekend with plenty of copies of Jim in tow and perhaps a giant prehistoric diorama if I can get it done in time.  I'll also be doing a children's drawing workshop on the day (on the theme of evolution ^-^)

Hopefully see some of you there...

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