Tuesday 7 May 2013

taking matters into my own hands

It's no wonder I never get any book covers published.  I seem to disagree about what they should look like.  Viv showed me a neat technique for removing them and doing your own whilst keeping the book intact.  Moomins and Thrones remain the copyright of their authors, naturally.  These are not for sale... just to make my shelves look nicer. 

Actually Tove Jansson  made lovely covers for the Moomin books.  For some reason new editions don't always have them.


  1. Ah, this makes me smile. I love the looming disaster you have given the Fillyjonk and your spinning, spitting comet. Perhaps you are too earthy for the marketing departments' tastes. I once improvised a new cover for an awful edition of Elizabeth Goudge's 'The Little White Horse', but my technique was rather clumsy. Can we have Viv's neat technique?

    1. Hmmm... not sure I should put that in the public domain. It can go horribly wrong ^-^!