Monday 20 May 2013

there's always one... or two or three or four

There always seems to be one picture in every project that just will not come right.  I really try to avoid doing things over and over but it always happens anyway.

Making the pieces for the V&A was particularly difficult because they couldn't be fixed by swapping in elements digitally or physically sticking patches over stuff.  I got into the habit of identifying what was going to be the most difficult bit of a picture and drawing that first.  That way if it went wrong there was less lost labour.

Thank goodness I did that in the case of the first picture.  As it was I had to draw the main character fourteen times before I was happy.  Seems odd now.  They all look fine!

Then there was the seventh picture.  Ended up doing this four times.  First it looked rubbish... fair enough... and the text looked weird - then the charcoal i used didn't fit with anything else - then I measured it wrong...


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