Sunday 30 June 2013

a room

I found this description of a room in an old sketchbook and liked it:

The cabin was small, even for a very small person.  The sheets were greasy.  The blankets seemed to be made entirely of hairs.  The hairs were all squashed together but they tried to escape at every opportunity.  They prickled and they scratched.  Above the bed, massive things moved around in pipes.  There was a light.  The light didn't reach the corners.  Things lived in those corners.  If you stayed still they came out and went exploring.  They moved very quickly.  They looked too big to squash.  The floor was red.  Everything else was grey.  Some things had been born grey, some had been painted grey, others had achieved greyness.  A previous occupant had drawn something on the door, with his fingernails possibly.  The subject of the drawing was unknowable.  Beneath the marks was a solid lock of steel.  It was sealed.

Also fits the pattern mentioned in the previous post, I note...

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