Tuesday 11 June 2013

custom Beegu

Sarah McIntyre posted this picture of a knitted Beegu on her blog...

 I have one my sister made... and then there is this fellow:

He has taken it to another level! Awesome!  If anyone else has homemade Beegus (first time I've written that as a plural - looks odd doesn't it?) I would love to see!


  1. Replies
    1. Thank you for showing me this! It's already a good day and only 10am!

  2. Fame at last (I crocheted the Beegu)! Thanks Alexis and thank you for Beegu who my daughter Juniper adores. Another of my daughters wants a blue one now. Do you think there could be other coloured families far away on Beegu's planet? I'm pretty sure there must be...

    1. Oh, for sure... you'll have to make up a different name for them though! Can't be they're all called Beegu!

    2. Beegu's blue friend is complete and has been christened Boogle-Jinni. In case you are interested!

    3. too good! ... and yes, great work on the muzzle. I think that's the best Beegu nose I have yet seen.